f Recommendations Batik Shop In Semarang

Recommendations Batik Shop In Semarang

Selasa, 06 Juni 2023, Juni 06, 2023

Batik is one of Indonesia’s original cultures that has existed for a long time and still exists today. Batik in Indonesia has various types and motifs, each region has its own batik motif. Not only functions as clothing, batik also contains works of art found in cloth motifs that are rich in philosophy and history. These motifs also characterize the name and region of the batik origin. One of the areas known as the best batik producers in Indonesia is the city of Semarang. The following are recommendations for Batik shops that you can visit while in Semarang City :

  • Toko Batik Jayakarta

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The first is the Toko Batik Jayakarta, this shop is on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 172, Banyumanik District, Semarang City. The Jayakarta Batik shop provides a wide variety of batik fabrics or ready-to-wear batik clothes, which of course use high-quality materials.

Toko Batik Jayakarta also provides many types of batik collections from various regions such as Semarang, Solo, Lasem, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan batik, and many more. And the price options are quite varied, from prices starting at Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 200,000 for ready-made batik, and Rp. 30,000,000 to Rp. 2,000,000 for batik cloth.

  • Toko Batik Benang Ratu

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The next shop that you can visit is the Toko Batik Benang Ratu, this shop is on Brigjen Katamso Street No. 35, Karangtempel, East Semarang District, Semarang City. The batik sold in this shop is the Pekalongan batik type, this is because the owner of the Toko Batik Benang Ratu is a Pekalongan person. In addition to selling batik, this shop also provides batik equipment facilities such as mori cloth, canting, until the evening which is intended for visitors who want to experience the process of batik and all facilities can be enjoyed for free.

The products sold in this shop are quite varied from women’s to men’s batik clothing such as shirts, robes, batik pants, negligee, tunics, and many more. The price is also relatively cheap, for men’s clothes starting from Rp. 30,000, and for women’s clothing starting from Rp. 40,000.

  • Toko Batik Keris Cabang Gajah Mada Plaza

This shop is on Jalan MT. Haryono 161, Gajah Mada Plaza Shophouse, Block T3-4, Gajah Mada Plaza Complex, Pekunden, Central Semarang District, Semarang City. Is a branch store of Batik Keris, while the batik sold in this shop is quite varied, such as kebaya, batik cloth, batik kaftan, brocade batik, and others. Ready-to-use batik is also sold here for both men’s and women’s batik, such as formal batik shirts, casual batik clothes, couple batik clothes and many more. The price is also relatively affordable depending on the type, motif, and batik cloth.

  • Toko Esya Collection

The next recommended place is Esya Collection. Esya Collection is a boutique that sells batik clothing which is also an agent of batik from Pekalongan. You can buy batik both retail and wholesale, Ersya Collection provides various kinds of batik clothing, including silk batik, Muslim clothing, shirts, negligee, veil, spray, and various other batiks. Ersya Collection also accepts orders for office uniforms, or weddings.

If you intend to buy batik at the Ersya Collection Store, you can go to the address Jalan Tlogosari Raya No. 77, Tlogosari Kulon, Pedurungan District, Semarang City.

  • Kampung Batik Semarang

The last recommendation is Kampung Batik Semarang, which is not far from the Kota Lama area and Pasar Johar Semarang. In Kampung Batik Semarang provides many types of collections and batik motifs from various regions. Kampung Batik Semarang operates from 07.00 to 20.00. Kampung Batik Semarang is located at Jalan Batik No. 698A, Rejomulyo, East Semarang District, Semarang City.

Maybe those are some of the recommended Semarang Batik Shop references that you can find and visit. For other Batik Shop Recommendation articles, you can visit our situs web page.