f The History Of Tasikmalaya Batik Motifs And Explanations

The History Of Tasikmalaya Batik Motifs And Explanations

Selasa, 06 Juni 2023, Juni 06, 2023

Tasikmalaya City is one of the regencies in West Java province which currently has the nickname The Pearl of East Priangan. The nickname arose because Tasikmalaya is rich in its natural potential which is so beautiful located in the southern region of West Java. Besides Cirebon, Pekalongan, Solo and Jogja, Tasikmalaya also has batik which is commonly called Tasikmalaya batik, also belongs to Priangan batik. The word Priangan is a synonym of Parahyangan which means the land of the gods. The city, which is also known as the city of santri, has a batik center in Tasikmalaya in Sukapura village, Sukaraja district. In general, Tasikmalaya batik has batik motifs that tend to give the impression of a spirit of simplicity, openness, and pluralism and also shows a cute and cute impression in line with the general image of Sundanese women.

History of Tasikmalaya Batik

As reported on the website of the West Java provincial government which conducted interviews with local people, that written batik began to be known by the people of Tasikmalaya during the Tarumanegara Kingdom. This was reinforced by the large population of tarum trees for making batik at that time. The areas of Mangunreja, Sukapura, Maronjaya, Wurug, and Tasikmalaya Kota have traces of the history of Tasikmalaya batik because it is the area of ​​the Tarumanegara government centered in Sukapura which is on the outskirts of Tasikmalaya city. The origin of Tasikmalaya batik is a wave of population displacement from the Central Java region due to the war in the region until finally the batik culture was brought to the present day.

In its heyday according to the history of batik tasikmalaya, this city was dubbed the center of the batik industry in the southern region of West Java. At present, the people of Tasikmalaya are rising to repeat the past glory by revitalizing Tasikmalaya batik products as a superior commodity. For now, the raw materials for making Tasikmalaya batik are still taken from the city of Pekalongan.

Batik tasikmalaya merak ngibing
Batik tasikmalaya merak ngibing

Tasikmalaya Batik Motif

Tasikmalaya batik has three types of popular batik motifs, namely Sukapura Batik, Sawoan Batik, and Tasik Batik. You will be able to distinguish at a glance that Sukapura Batik has beauty with Madura batik which has contrasting colors as well as the size of the motif, while sapodilla batik is a type of batik that is dominated by dark brown colors such as sapodilla fruit combined with indigo color with white base ornaments, very beautiful. similar to batik solo and batik cirebon. For Tasikmalaya batik itself has a characteristic use of bright colors due to the influence of coastal batik.

The Tasikmalaya batik motif has three popular batik motifs, namely the bird batik motif, the umbrella batik motif, and the long bean batik motif which is very thick with the feel of the city of Parahyangan. Some of the development of motifs from other Tasikmalaya batiks such as orchid flower batik with bird isen, ngibing peacock batik motif, cala culu batik motif, bali banana batik motif, universe broom batik motif, and awi ngarambat batik motif. such as roots, balimbing, antanan, stone background jars, lancah lake, peuteuy Papangkah leaf reeng, sente, udey tsunami, peacock, Gunung Kawi, side slow, kadaka, purple sawat lancah, renfiel, orlet rereng, sintung rereng, scale background manuk, manuk rereng peutey selong, peacock haremis background, sidomukti umbrella, taleus Sukaraja, Sisit naga, and turih-wajit-Limar. Tasikmalaya batik is not like Javanese batik in general which has a noble philosophy in every motif, but tasikmalaya batik only gives a message that we must synergize with nature to maintain its sustainability.

We can make every Tasikmalaya batik motif as a terbaru batik dress versi by combining contemporary and contemporary which we can see at several fashion shows recently at the Jakarta fashion week event.

Tasikmalaya batik pictures

The following is an image of Tasikmalaya batik with several superior batik motifs.

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