f The History Of Truntum Batik Motifs And Explanations

The History Of Truntum Batik Motifs And Explanations

Selasa, 06 Juni 2023, Juni 06, 2023

Truntum batik was created by the consort of Sunan Paku Buwana III from Surakarta Hadiningrat, namely Kanjeng Ratu Kencana or commonly called Ratu Beruk which means love that grows back. If we look closely, batik truntum has an arrangement that looks like a line of stars that sparkle at night. The history of batik truntum begins with the queen beruk who was unable to give offspring to Pakubuwono III, thus making the king intend to remarry.

The queen seems to be unable to do anything else because the king’s decision is inviolable, then the queen can be disturbed while reporting the stars in the sky. To relax and have fun, the queen started her batik activities by making batik motifs of stars in the dark sky that had always accompanied her solitude. This becomes a reflection and hope, namely the atmosphere of the sky in the middle of the night without a moon, but there are still many stars as the night sky where there is always ease and hope in difficulties. The batik motifs are like a sprinkling of jasmine flower buds, or like stars scattered in the sky.

Trenggalek Batik Pictures

Gambar Batik Truntum
Gambar Batik Truntum

The queen of the monkeys is very diligent and thorough in making batik, so that it makes King Pakubuwono III interested in seeing the process of making batik made by the queen. Starting from this, the king always monitored the progress of the batik process by the queen. As time went by, the love of the king grew and developed again or tumaruntum returned. This truntum batik motif is dedicated to his lover, King Pakubuwono III as a form of his love that is so deep in sincerity and will always grow or in Javanese termed tumaruntum.

The King saw that this truntum batik cloth looked simple, but if you look closely, it looks very precise at the same angle and this made Raja Pakubuwono III feel deeply in love with his queen, which in turn canceled the next marriage. The batik motif formed in the form of a star in the sky with a brown color on a black background is combined with the symbol of the garuda or gurdho.

Truntum Batik Motif

The batik truntum motif or commonly abbreviated as batik truntum is a classic type of batik that has been preserved until now by wearing it at weddings because it has the meaning of hope that the love of the bride and groom will continue to grow and be maintained in happiness. This truntum batik cloth is usually worn by the parents of the bride and groom at the time of marriage with the aim of “guiding” the bride and groom in entering a new life because it also contains the meaning of ing ngarsa sung tuladha where parents are examples or tuladha for their children who are considered to have passed a test of love. so that it is considered worthy and obligatory to guide the bride and groom to enter a new phase of life to descend or descend to the bride as a form of tut wuri handayani attitude, namely a series of examples and expectations represented by the truntum batik motif.

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