f The History Of Trenggalek Batik Motifs And Explanations

The History Of Trenggalek Batik Motifs And Explanations

Selasa, 06 Juni 2023, Juni 06, 2023

Trenggalek batik has several distinctive batik motifs by adding the characteristics of clove plants to some classic Javanese batik motifs in general, such as the clove machete batik motif. The clove plant becomes the main ornament in the Trenggalek batik motif because it is one of the main commodities of agricultural products from this Trenggalek area.

We need to know that Trenggalek Regency occupies an area of 126,140 Ha with a population of around 818,797 people in 2014. Its geographical location is in the east with the Tulungagung area; to the north with the Ponorogo area; to the south by the Indian Ocean; and in the west with the Pacitan region.

According to history based on information from local people, around the 1970s, Trenggalek had a Batik center in the Sumbergedong and Surondakan villages. At that time, the process of making batik was made in groups, such as the Sidomukti batik crafters group and the gringsing batik crafters group. If we look at each of these groups, we can conclude that in the 1970s there was already an association of Trenggalek batik craftsmen. When stepping on the 1980s, many trenggalek batik craftsmen went out of business because the fashion taste of the people at that time began to switch to plain and modern types of fabrics due to the influence of western fashion trends.

Starting in late 2010, the Trenggalek batik industry began to swell, and the batik center moved to Hamlet Jampi, Ngentrong Village, Kec. Karangan, Trenggalek Regency with about 35 trenggalek batik craftsmen and two trenggalek batik production houses. The clove flower batik motif is maintained because it has become the identity of Trenggalek batik in addition to the Turonggo yekso batik motif.

Trenggalek Batik Motif

Here are some trenggalek batik motifs that are no less beautiful when compared to other regional batik motifs.

Ungker Padi Batik Motif

Trenggalek batik motif of ungker padi is composed of a geometric combination of clove and rice motifs with a combination of butterfly motifs to show the natural beauty of Trenggalek.

Batang Daun Batik Motif

Tenggalek batik motif is a type of trenggalek batik motif with the main ornaments being plant stems and leaves.

Parang Cengkeh Batik Motif

Trenggalek batik with clove machete motif represents a sharp mindset that must be possessed by leaders so that decisions taken from every dilema can be wise and good for all.

Bunga Kapas Batik Motif

Trenggalek batik cotton flower motif can be said as a representation of the form of gentleness in attitude.

Truntum Cengkeh Batik Motif

Trenggalek Batik The truntum motif is philosophically still the same as the traditional truntum batik, except that there is the addition of a clove motif in it to show that the batik is a characteristic of Trenggalek.

Anggrek Bulan Batik Motif

The Trenggalek batik motif with moon orchid is a kind of sudagaran because it does not have a deep philosophy like other Javanese batik and only displays the natural beauty of the moon orchid flower itself.

Arumi Batik Motif

At the end of 2016, the Trenggalek district government launched a new variant of Trenggalek batik, namely Arumi batik. A new variant of the Trenggalek batik was launched to increase the interest of the Trenggalek community in wearing Trenggalek batik clothes in order to remain sustainable and stimulate fresh ideas from Trenggalek batik craftsmen to be more creative in their work.

The main ornament of arumi batik actually emphasizes the batik pattern which is a representation of the turonggo yekso dance and the difference is easiest to see from other types of batik, namely in the use of prada on arumi batik cloth, to make it more contemporary.

The Trenggalek government is also trying to help batik craftsmen by creating space for MSME actors to be able to market their batik products in supermarkets or minimarkets in the Trenggalek area.

Trenggalek Batik Pictures

batik ungker padi trenggalek

batik cengkeh trenggalek

batik sekar wangi trenggalek

batik trenggalek miss universe

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